K type thermocouple thermometer ST-90

Industrial digital portable thermocouple probe thermometer ST90 measures temperature over the range of – 200 to 1200, depends on probe type with resolution 0,1 °C from -49,9°C to 199,9°C ; 1°C outside.

Buttons on thermometer:

  • ON/OFF - turn on/turn off
  • HOLD - capture readings
  • ERASE - delete all saved readings
  • MAX - show maximal temperature
  • MIN - show minimal temperature


  • measuring in °C
  • display resolution 0,1°C from -49.9°C to 199,9°C, 1°C outside
  • display minimal and maximal temperature
  • low battery indication
  • high accuracy
  • universal mini therma K input/socket
  • hold function
  • simple and fast control

Thermocouple industrial thermometer works with K type thermocouple sensor probe. The device is equipped with Mini Therma K socket.

ST 90 is priced excluding probe. Termoprodukt offers interchangeable K type thermocouple probes and surface thermocouple probes.

Thermometer with interchangeable thermocouple probes ST 90 is made of ABS material protects it from mechanical damage, resistant to dust, dirt and water (IP 65).

Meat food processing industrial thermometer ST 90 features easy to read large display with min/max function, hold function and low battery indication.

Use a folic keyboard to turn on/off the device. This innovation protects the thermometer from fluids, e.g. from water, milk, fats, etc. ST-90 is feed by one 9V battery. Battery life equals ca. 500 hours.

temperature range-200°C to 1200°C
operating temperature0°C to 40°C
resolution from -49,9°C to 199,9°C0,1°C
resolution in other range1°C
accuracy in range from -20°C to 199,9°C with ST-01 K type probe-/+0,5°C
accuracy in range from 200°C to 500°C with ST-01 K type probe-/+2°C
accuracy in other range with ST-01 K type probe-/+3°C
battery9V battery 6F22
displayLCD 3 1/2 digits
dimensions150x82x29 mm
dust/water protectionIP65

Catalog Card for ST-90

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Example of Accreditation Calibration Certificate PCA of thermometer

calibration typepre-tax price
calibrating thermometers or
temperature data loggers in 1 measuring point
135 zł
next measuring point 73 zł

Example of Calibration Certificate of thermometer

calibration typepre-tax price
calibration certificate for a new device34 zł

Health Certificate by Polish Institute of Hygiene /free/

K type thermocouple probes

K type thermocouple probe ST-01

K type thermocouple probe ST-01

Dane Techniczne:
probe typepenetration
range-50°C to 270°C

K type thermocouple stainless steel penetration probe.

Other probe dimensions available on request.

PTFE thermocouple probe KST-05

PTFE thermocouple probe KST-05

probe typeimmersion
range-20°C to 270°C

K type stainless steel thermocouple probe.

Other probe dimensions available on request.

PTFE thermocouple probe KST-07

PTFE thermocouple probe KST-07

probe typeimmersion
range-20°C to 270°C
dimensionon request

K type exposed wire thermocouple probe.

Probe dimension on request.