Temperature internal sensor LCD data logger TERMIO-15

The use: monitoring temperatures during caring and transporting vaccines, medicines, food or to monitoring production and stock-keeping.

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Accurate store transport industrial display temperature data logger with internal sensor. Termio-15 can register up to 32 000 data with resolution 0,01°C.

Industrial LCD data logger Termio-15 measures temperature over the range of -30°C to 70°C.

Data logger has free software available as a download on Termoprodukt website.

When ordering loggers it is necessary to order at least one USB logger cradle.


  • temperature data logger
  • measuring in °C
  • resolution of display: 0,01°C
  • recording indication
  • hold function
  • visual inspection shows if limits exceeded
  • LED indication alarm exceeded
  • recording turning on directly from a button or from calendar/clock
  • display of minimal and maximal values
  • low battery indication
  • protection class IP 65
  • sample rate 1min-24 h
  • memory 32 000 data

Datalogger can measure temperatures over the range of -30°C to 70°C. That range allows to measure temperatures in fridges, cold stores and wherever the sensor is impossible or redundant to place.

The device was made of ABS material which protects it from mechanical damage. The casing of the device is airtight, resistant to dust, dirt and water (IP65).

Termio-15 display provides information including current measurement reading, threshold exceeded, min/max values.

Each data logger incorporates a red LED indicates when customized thresholds have been exceeded.

TERMIO-15 can be connected to a computer via a USB logger cradle.

The USB logger cradle works with a free LogSoft software, which can be installed on Windows. LogSoft is a programme that can be used with Win 10, Win 7 and Win 8. Application is available on Termoprodukt website.

The software allows to programme the logging sample/interval rate from 0.1 sec.,the real-time clock , user can programme delayed start from clock/calendar or start from button, after filing memory overwriting or stop.

TERMIO-15 creates a new files which contains registered data. Data can be easily displayed as graph and table, printed or saved in .txt or .pdf format.

Transmission time of 32000 saved measurements from the device to a computer equals max. 60 seconds. It is a very comfortable solution, especially in case of possessing more than 1 device.

When ordering loggers it is necessary to order at least one logger cradle.

Wall bracket to fasten the device to a wall to buy extra, protects the device from mechanical damage or undesirable action of other people.

TERMIO-15 is a modern measuring device which measures the temperatures very accurate. The device has internal PT 1000 sensor.

temperature range-30°C to 70°C internal sensor
resolution0,01 °C
sample ratefrom 1 minute
memory32000 savings
battery life1000 000 savings
feed1/2xAA 3,6V battery
casing size45x100x19 mm
dust/water protectionIP65

Catalog card for TERMIO-15

Termoprodukt cataloque

Full version of software dedicated to TERMIO-15 LOGSOFT.exe (ZIP)

Example of Accreditation Calibration Certificate PCA of thermometer

calibration typepre-tax price
calibrating thermometers or temperature data loggers
in 1 measuring point
135 zł
next measuring point 73 zł

Example of Calibration Certificate of thermometer

calibration typepre-tax price
calibration certificate for a new device34 zł

Health Certificate by Polish Institute of Hygiene /free/